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 We appreciate your taking the time to visit our website. 

We are grateful for the chance to facilitate changes for our clients so that they can be their best selves. ​

 Reaching out for help either for yourself or a loved one is both difficult and courageous 

and finding the right therapist is not easy. 

It truly takes bravery and readiness to seek treatment for trauma.  

Pain and hurt from the past require a lot of energy to manage, much more than the 

collaborative work it takes to move past your past.  

As therapists, we continue to focus our learning on, and understanding of, trauma.  

Ultimately, we hone our skills on the treatment and permanent resolution of trauma.  

Consider putting your trust in one of our therapists to help you

 reach your goals, to heal, 

and ultimately be on your way to a Path to Peace. 

Our website will give you an idea what we can offer 

you, and how therapist and client can work together.


The Therapeutic Relationship

Therapy is not only a process - it is a relationship where a person grows, heals and gets fundamental human needs met through interacting with the therapist. We strive to provide an authentic, non-judge​mental and compassionate presence to create a safe space where a person can grow and develop their own resources.


How many suitcases full of expectations, tasks, plans, resentments and unforgiven moments was I toting around with me every day?

We have to be able to discern between what the body needs in the moment and the story our mind is telling us. 

Deborah Adele - Author of Yamas and Niyamas

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